Things to do when you get bored at home

1.       Read a book or magazine

2.       Watch a movie or TV show

3.       Listen to music or a podcast

4.       Do a puzzle or play a game

5.       Take a nap or practice meditation

6.       Write in a journal or blog

7.       Cook or bake a new recipe

8.       Do a home workout or yoga routine

9.       Take a walk outside or do some gardening

10.   Clean or organize your living space

11.   Learn a new skill like knitting or painting

12.   Call or video chat with friends or family

13.   Plan a future vacation or dream trip

14.   Research a topic that interests you

15.   Try a new hobby like photography or pottery

16.   Plan a fun night in with friends or family

17.   Do a digital detox and disconnect from screens.

What are some of your favorite things to do when bored? Will you try any of these suggestions? Comment below.

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