Preparing a woman’s womb for pregnancy by Master Herbalist Patrick Delves

I came across this video on youtube (see below) and alot of people didn’t understand his accent or the formula. So I thought I would share my thoughts with you: (p.s. I am not an herbalist, dr, or even a unicorn rider)

I believe the ingredients he listed are:

  • Chaste Tree (aka vitex) – helps to normalize and balance hormones. This is the bulk of your tincture. This should be approximately 75% of the herbs that you use. The other supporting herbs should equal out to about 25%. How to do the math, IDK. How to determine the portion sizes, IDK!
  • Motherswort
  • Dong quai – moves the blood
  • Red Raspberry Leaf – prevents miscarriage
  • Ginger – assists with circulation
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Shepherds purse – if you have menorraghia
  • Red Clover – isoflavones – anti-tumor (shrinks growths)
  • Rehmannia – blood builder
  • Sugar apple (in the US – I believe we call it soursop)
  • Organic Grain Alcohol – should be distilled 4-5x. One of the girls that got pregnant from watching the video said that she used Jamaican JB Rum.
  • Glass bottle

You are supposed to take all of these ingredients. Mix them together and let sit for 2 weeks. After the two weeks, you then take 15-16 drops three times a day.

You will also start taking:

Within 3 cycles, you should have a baby bubbling in you! You can book a consultation with him on his website.

I know that buying all of these individual herbs and making the solution may get expensive. A cheaper alternative (not the same thing as his, but alot of the same ingredients) would be to take Fertility Tea and Fertility Pills.

I also wrote an article on how to increase a man’s sperm motility and morphology, if you are interested.

Let me know in the comments if you are going to try it or if you have tried it!

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3 Replies to “Preparing a woman’s womb for pregnancy by Master Herbalist Patrick Delves”

  1. Hello I don’t know if you’re still available through this blog but I recently bought all of the herbs listed.. I cannot seem to find the rum listed or soursop/sugar apple. Has anyone reached out to you about where they might have purchased their items? Thank you

  2. I just saw his video today, which led me to search for the ingredients and I ended here. I am glad I found your blog, the list of ingredients, and the many other articles do you have here. Real quick, I am from the States and the sugar apple is known as custard apple or sweetsop. It is closely related to the soursop, but they are not the same.
    But anywho, I want to thank you for all the info you have here!

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