100+ Fertility Affirmations

  1. I trust my body
  2. I love my body
  3. I completely trust and love my body. 
  4. My body is perfect.
  5. I am a perfect vessel for bringing new life
  6. I am pregnant
  7. My body is in perfect balance for health and fertility
  8. My ovaries are healthy
  9. I will bear a child soon
  10. My ovaries and uterus are in perfect harmony to create an easy and healthy pregnancy
  11. I am aware of a great creative power within me
  12. I celebrate the phases of my cycle and embrace the special blessings each brings.
  13. I see myself holding a baby
  14. I see myself bearing a child
  15. I am complete and safe
  16. I love myself for who I am
  17. I am loved for exactly who I am
  18. My menstrual cycle is finding a perfect. regular, balance. 
  19. I have a healthy lifestyle
  20. I am dedicated to healthy life choices of fertility
  21. I am energetic and alert
  22. I feel fully alive. 
  23. I will be a mother
  24. The universe is conspiring with me to bring forth new life from my womb.
  25. I have a healthy womb. 
  26. I give thanks for all the blessings
  27. I know I will be an amazing mother
  28. I will be a perfect mother 
  29. I am healthy, happy and fertile.
  30. My partner and I easily manage our challenges together
  31. My partner is excited for our baby. 
  32. We will be a happy family.
  33. We are excited for our first born. 
  34. We will be amazing parents. 
  35. My body was made to conceive and carry a healthy baby with ease. 
  36. I welcome new beginnings and new life. 
  37. I am happy, confident and at ease with myself. 
  38. I love and care for myself
  39. I nourish my body with clean, whole foods. 
  40. I am becoming more fertile everyday
  41. I am ready to be a mother
  42. I am excited to be a mother
  43. I will raise my child on the right path.
  44. Everyday I am becoming healthier, happier and more fertile. 
  45. I am surrounded by healing and love.
  46. I am grateful for my period as it means I am fertile.
  47. My womb functions perfectly
  48. My uterine lining is released exactly as it should to prepare my womb for this new, perfect cycle.
  49. My womb functions perfectly and knows exactly what it is doing.
  50. As I bleed, I let go of any limiting fears or beliefs of the past cycle.
  51. I cycle with the moon and with all the fertile women of the world.
  52. My body is perfectly synchronized to the moon, the ocean, and the patterns of fertility
  53. My body is already preparing the perfect nutrients and healthy blood for a new uterine lining.
  54. I trust my body to know exactly what I need.
  55. I listen to my body and rest when appropriate
  56. I eat right to nourish and replenish my body. 
  57. I am spiritually active and powerful
  58. I allow myself plenty of sleep and rest to allow for a perfect cycle. 
  59. I nourish myself perfectly to prepare for this perfect cycle.
  60. My eggs are plentiful and healthy
  61. My ovaries are healthy
  62. My ovaries works perfectly
  63. My ovaries are energized and fully nourished.
  64. My uterus is easily preparing itself for a perfect implantation.
  65. Warm and loving energy surrounds my ovaries and my womb.
  66. My body is in total balance and harmony, even at the cellular level.
  67. My follicles are abundant and easily grow.
  68. My beautiful, healthy ovaries are developing plenty of beautiful, healthy follicles.
  69. My body is selecting the healthiest and strongest follicle to become a perfect egg.
  70. I know that my body understands how to grow the very best egg this cycle.
  71. Oxygen, energy, and blood easily circulate through my body and nourish my ovaries, my follicles, and my womb.
  72. My ovaries are healthy, fully nourished and work perfectly.
  73. My body has selected the healthiest and strongest follicle to become a perfect egg.
  74. A gorgeous, plump, pink egg is ready to be released.
  75. A perfect egg is being released by my ovary.
  76. I ovulate at the perfect time in my cycle.
  77. I enjoy making love and creating life.
  78. It is easy for me to get pregnant.
  79. My perfect egg easily meets my partner’s perfect sperm.
  80. My partner has abundant healthy sperm
  81. My partner has healthy sperm that are ready to meet my egg
  82. The perfect sperm easily fertilizes my perfect egg.
  83. Life is beginning inside of me.
  84. I know I am experiencing the miracle of life right now in my body.
  85. A perfect fertilized egg easily snuggles into my womb and becomes a happy embryo.
  86. My uterus is a lush, warm, jungle of nourishment for my perfect embryo.
  87. The lining of my uterus is a perfect cushioned thickness and prepared to welcome the fertilized egg.
  88. My body produces the perfect amount of progesterone.
  89. My womb receives the perfect amount of blood, oxygen, and energy from my body.
  90. My embryo is welcome in my warm and nourishing womb.
  91. I know a miracle is growing within me.
  92. I trust my body to fully nourish the life growing within me.
  93. I am getting closer to my baby everyday
  94. I am fertile
  95. I am happy, I am healthy, I am ready. 
  96. My body is a fertile place worthy of conception.
  97. I am grateful for and love my body and all it does for me.
  98. My life is a blessing
  99. My womb is strong and fertile
  100. My eggs are developing perfectly
  101. My eggs are healthy
  102. I have the ability to heal myself.
  103. I feel safe, supported, and loved through my fertility journey.
  104. I am already healing my body, everyday it heals more.
  105. I am grateful that I am a woman.
  106. I support and love my husband (partner) through our fertility journey.
  107. My menstrual cycle connects me to all women.
  108. I am working with my body in a loving way to get my menstrual cycle back.
  109. I am worthy of love, life and happiness.
  110. I love my partner
  111. My partner supports our fertility journey
  112. I stand strong with a loving heart
  113. I have the confidence to ask for help and receive help when I need it.
  114. I design my own destiny.
  115. My partner and I are a team
  116. I trust my body.
  117. My body knows what is happening.
  118. I am worthy of a child
  119. I will not let the stress of past infertility take over my life.
  120. I wake up and go to sleep with gratitude in my life. 
  121. I am grateful for my partner
  122. My partner’s support and love is unconditional.
  123. This journey has made our relationship stronger
  124. We will bear a child soon
  125. I listen to my body and the messages she is sending me.
  126. I love my self unconditionally
  127. I have trust in my expert medical team
  128. My hormones are in balance
  129. I am patient in waiting for the child in me. 
  130. I will become a mother
  131. I am a great mother to happy and healthy children.

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