Global entry application interview process in Los Angeles

What can you expect in the global entry interview process this year? In this blog, I will discuss some of the things that I have experienced in my global entry application interview.

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In 2021, my interview was scheduled for 12:30pm and it finished by 12:39pm. At around 12:38 pm, an email was received that my status for the global entry has changed. I brought my passport and driver’s license. But the staff only asked for my passport. They took my finger prints and my picture which is in black and white.

What are the questions that you can expect in the interview? The questions they asked are mostly about the information that you wrote on your application. They asked about my place of birth, citizenship country, email address, last country that I visited and if my spouse already filed for global entry. They will also ask to verify your home address and if I used other names in the past. I gave them my maiden name.

Aside from these questions about me, they also asked about my car. They asked if I signed up for Sentri and Nexus? What is the difference between NEXUS and SENTRI? As per Wikipedia, SENTRI users have access to dedicated lanes into the United States. Unlike NEXUS, which is a joint program between United States and Canadian immigration authorities, SENTRI is solely a CBP program and only applies to customs and immigrations inspections into the United States, not into Mexico.

You can also register your vehicle along with the global entry in order for you to have a fast pass access. They also asked if I ever visited Canada or Mexico recently by air or land. The final question that they asked me is am I applying for global entry for business or pleasure or both.

Here’s a tip, if yes or no answer is already sufficient enough then do so. But if you feel that they need more information from you then give more information on the question that they are asking for.

Upon receiving my card in the mail, I activated it. Once you have activated your card, you can use it when you are going to fly. You’ll get a new known travel number. I have applied for a TSA precheck before so my global entry travel number is different from my travel number for TSA precheck. I am not sure if it will be the same travel number if you have applied for global entry before.

If you are having your global entry interview soon, I hope that this blog has helped you.

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