Sample Los Angeles IUI Prices

Last year I was looking to do an IUI in the Los Angeles area.  I called around getting quotes.  I just found the sheet of paper today, so some of my notes are a little sketchy.  Keep in mind that prices can change, so call the provider for an up to date price range.  These are out of pocket costs because our insurance didn’t cover the procedure.  So if your insurance covers the costs it will be even cheaper for you.


Dr. Kathleen Kornafel

IUI with meds – $695 (clomid)

IUI with injections – $1200 (no meds included)

IUI no meds – $365


Pacific Fertility Center – Glendale (818) 952-0328

ultrasound – $200

sperm wash – $200

IUI – $200

Consultation – $300

They also listed prices on there website.


Reproductive Fertility – Burbank (818) 600-4105 – Dr. Savad

IUI with oral – $1220 ($100 for meds)

IUI with injections – $2310 ($1500-2500 for meds)


I ended up going with Dr. Vicken Sepilian because I had a consultation with him before I had my fibroid surgery.  He has 2 office locations.  I went to the Glendale location.  Their phone number is (818) 638-9745.  With all of the base line ultra sounds, medication, sperm wash etc… I believe it ended up costing us around $1500-2000.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful.

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