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Reverbnation – Promote It – Music Marketing Promotion Results

Reverbnation – Promote It – Music Marketing Promotion Results

So I decided to post a song for Reverbnation’s music marketing platform – Promote It! I was very enthusiastic because it mentioned that you can reach top music websites like MTV, Billboard, WorldStar Hip Hop, XXL, Rolling stone, VH1 etc.

When choosing to do a Promote It campaign you can choose from different packages. Since it was my first campaign with them, I decided to do the cheapest one.  The $3 per day ($21/week) campaign.  Here were the stats after the first 24 hours:  July 31, 2018

reverbnation stats play stats promote it review results

Here is August 3:

reverbnation review promote it results stats is it worth it scam


Here is my final results on August 9:

reverbnation review of promote it campaign stats results

So, for the total week:  My ad was shown 11.396 times on 2,645 different websites. I had 78 fan interactions which was 12 ad clicks and 66 song plays.  At $21 for 66 song plays thats approximately .31 for each song play.   As far as the 11,396 impressions, I believe 5,000 of them may have been my own. I KEPT seeing them on my Yahoo mail and anytime I went to someone else’s blog. I was tired of seeing my own ad. I didn’t pay for ads for you to show them to ME!

Im not 100% sure that this campaign was worth it.  I won’t know until later if anyone purchased the song/album as Tunecore has delayed reporting.

So, I think the next way to promote individual songs and the album will be to use Facebook ads where I can do targeted ad stacking.  (my own Facebook ads, not FB ads through reverbnation)

FINAL REVIEW: I don’t think I will try Reverbnation’s promote it again.  The analytics are not the best (as you can see above).  For example, it doesn’t tell you, how many times this ad was shown on website x, y and z.  It also doesn’t tell you which sites the listeners were derived from.  So, the analytics really suck.

Let me know…. have you used Reverbnation’s Promote It? What were your results? Do you plan on testing it yourself? Chime in!

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